Vision Int’l Educational Consultancy

Vision International Education Consultancy is a group of young and enterprising entrepreneurs. Knowledge and Experience of professionals at Vision International Education Consultancy since 2021 has brought a fine an excellent expert services in the field of Higher Education, Education Consulting and Migration Services. Vision International Education Consultancy is officially registered with ROC in Nepal. We are currently recruiting students from different parts of Nepal Our aim is not only to assist students to achieve degrees and provide migration services but also to provide best and efficient expert services with integrity and authenticity.

Vision International Education Consultancy believes that we should support the markets by determining scope of generic consulting and providing an enhanced support mechanism to those students who are seeking right guidance, counseling and preparing them for the world of tomorrow’s world. Recognizing the needs of International Students in America, Japan, Australia, Canada and India, we have been providing education, migration and taxation services under the same roof … Reade More 

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  • Enough External Resources

    Our rich resources on Japanese Language include: handouts & study materials for students to take in.

  • Weekly Mock Test

    Our spaced and strategic tests help students to consolidate the Japanese language.

  • Visa Guarantee

    VIEC (Vision International Education Consultancy) Educational Consultancy guarantees your visa for s

  • Experienced Instructors

    We have instructors who have gained extensive knowledge about Japanese by immersing themselves in Ja

  • Cool Environment

    Motivating Study environment and appropriate classes and resources help students in learning Japanes

  • Student Friendly

    Our instructors will provide expert guidance throughout the process.

Test Preparation